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Intellinode is a framework to streamline the interactions with diverse AI capabilities. It provides a unified layer to access multiple models such as speech, image, and text.

Core Components

  • The wrapper layer provides low-level access to the latest AI models and libraries.
  • The controller layer offers a unified input to any language, image, or speech model.
  • The function layer provides abstract application layers with the ability to extend the use cases based on apps’ needs.

The wrapper layer in intellinode include:

  • CohereAIWrapper: Provides access to the Cohere AI model.
  • GoogleAIWrapper: Enables interaction with the Google AI model.
  • HuggingWrapper: Provides the Hugging Face inference capability with endless open-source models.
  • OpenAIWrapper: Offers access to the OpenAI GPT models.
  • StabilityAIWrapper: Enables interaction with the stable diffusion image model.
  • ReplicateWrapper: Provides access to Llama v2 chat models.
  • MistralAIWrapper: Provides access to Mistral SMoE model.
  • IntellicloudWrapper: Connect any AI model with your data using intellinode one key.

The controller layer include:

  • RemoteEmbedModel: Provides the ability to generate text embeddings using various AI models.
  • RemoteImageModel: Enables image generation with a unified access layer.
  • RemoteLanguageModel: Allows generation of text with a unified access layer.
  • RemoteSpeechModel: Provides speech generation capabilities.

Intellinode also provides a set of functions that offer higher-level abstraction:

  • Gen: The fastest way to interact with AI models for your use cases, one line to generate tuned content.
  • Chatbot: A function that integrates chatbot capabilities using chatGPT and Llama models.
  • SemanticSearch: A function that speeds the semantic search integration using powerful embedding providers.
  • SemanticSearchPaging: Apply the semantic search in iterations for large datasets.
  • TextAnalyzer: Sentiment analysis, text summaries, and more.
  • LLMEvaluation: Evaluate multiple language models with minimum code and select the suitable one for your use cases.
  • ChatContext: Manage the chatbot window size limitation by returning the relevant messages for the user input.


Use the gen function for one line AI integration.

const { Gen } = require('intellinode');

text = 'a registration page with flat modern theme.'
// one line to generate html page code (openai gpt4 is default)
await Gen.save_html_page(text, save_folder_name, file_name, openaiKey);


This project is licensed under Apache 2.0.