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Intellinode cloud streamlines the integration of your data with a variety of AI models, enabling the deployment of production-ready AI-powered apps in short time.

Get Started

  1. Create a Project: Visit and start a new document-based project.
  2. Upload Documents: Upload PDFs, DOCs, images, code files, or any data you want to analyze or use for AI content generation.
  3. Generate One Key: Intellicloud processes your data and generates a unique key for easy integration using intellinode modules.
  4. Integrate into Your Application: Use the One Key to connect AI with your data.

Deploying IntelliServer with Docker

Pull the IntelliServer Docker Image.

docker pull intellinode/intelliserver:latest

Run the AI microservice with the provded one key.

docker run -p 80:80 -e ONE_KEY=$ONE_KEY intellinode/intelliserver:latest

Integration with python

from intelli.model.input.chatbot_input import ChatModelInput
from intelli.function.chatbot import Chatbot

# initialize the chatbot with your API key and the One Key
chatbot = Chatbot(api_key=YOUR_API_KEY, provider="mistral", options={"one_key": INTELLI_ONE_KEY})

# prepare the input with attachment references
chat_input = ChatModelInput(system="You are a helpful assistant.", model="mistral-medium")
chat_input.attach_reference = True
chat_input.add_user_message("Explain the concept of relativity.")

response =