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Quick start

This guide helps you integrate intellinode in your Node.js project for basic tasks like chatbots and in-memory semantic search.


Install IntelliNode using npm:

npm install intellinode


Easily integrate and switch between chatbot providers:

const { Chatbot, ChatGPTInput, SupportedChatModels } = require('intellinode');

async function callChatbot(provider, apiKey, model = null) {
// prepare common input
const input = new ChatGPTInput("You are a helpful assistant.", model);
input.addUserMessage("What is the capital of France?");

// create chatbot instance
const chatbot = new Chatbot(apiKey, provider);
const response = await;


// call chatGPT
callChatbot(SupportedChatModels.OPENAI, 'your_openai_api_key', 'gpt-4');

// Call mistral
callChatbot(SupportedChatModels.MISTRAL, 'your_mistral_api_key', 'mistral-medium');

// call gemini
callChatbot(SupportedChatModels.GEMINI, 'your_gemini_api_key');

Replace your_<model>_api_key with your actual API key and explore other supported models.

Find relevant items in your data using semantic similarity:

const { SemanticSearch } = require('intellinode');

const apiKey = 'your_api_key';
const search = new SemanticSearch(apiKey);

# prepare the input
const pivotItem = 'Example search item';
const searchArray = ['Item 1', 'Item 2', 'Item 3', 'Item 4'];
const numberOfMatches = 3;

# performSearch
const results = await search.getTopMatches(pivotItem, searchArray, numberOfMatches);