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Generate HTML

Intellinode provides powerful functions like generate_html_page() and save_html_page() to create and store HTML pages with CSS and JavaScript. In this use case, we will demonstrate how to generate an HTML registration page using GPT-4.

First import the Gen function

const { Gen } = require("intellinode");

1. Generate HTML Page

Use the generate_html_page() function to create an HTML page based on a specific use case, such as a registration page.

const openaiKey = 'your_openai_api_key';
const modelName = 'gpt-4'; // or 'gpt-3.5-turbo'

const prompt = "Create a registration page with flat modern design.";
const htmlContent = await Gen.generate_html_page(prompt, openaiKey, modelName);

2. Save HTML Page

To save the generated HTML page directly to the file system, use the save_html_page() function instead of the generate html:

const folder = './views';
const file_name = 'registration_page.html';

await Gen.save_html_page(prompt, folder, file_name, openaiKey, modelName);