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Model switching

Switching between models is straightforward, as intelli framework decouples your business logic from the underlying model implementation, ensuring minimal code changes.


from intelli.model.input.chatbot_input import ChatModelInput
from intelli.function.chatbot import Chatbot, ChatProvider

def call_chatbot(provider, model=None):
# prepare common input
input = ChatModelInput("You are a helpful assistant.", model)
input.add_user_message("What is the capital of France?")

# creating chatbot instance
openai_bot = Chatbot(YOUR_API_KEY, provider)
response =

return response

# call chatGPT
call_chatbot(ChatProvider.OPENAI, "gpt-4")

# call mistralai
call_chatbot(ChatProvider.MISTRAL, "mistral-medium")

# call claude3
call_chatbot(ChatProvider.ANTHROPIC, "claude-3-sonnet-20240229")

# call google gemini