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Image generation

The Image generation controller lets you create images based on text descriptions. This empowers developers to dynamically produce visuals for various applications.

Supported Providers

The framework supports different image generation models, allowing you to choose based on your needs: openai, stability.


Specify these parameters to generate images:

  • api_key: Your API key or authentication token for the chosen provider.
  • provider: The name of the AI service provider (openai or stability).
  • image_input: This can be an instance of ImageModelInput containing the details of the image you want to generate, such as the prompt, dimensions, and model-specific parameters.


Create an instance of the RemoteImageModel with your chosen provider and API key.

from intelli.controller.remote_image_model import RemoteImageModel

image_model = RemoteImageModel(api_key="your_api_key_here", provider="openai")

Prepare your image input, specifying the prompt and any other necessary parameters.

from intelli.model.input.image_input import ImageModelInput

# define the prompt and image parameters
prompt = "A futuristic city skyline at sunset, with flying cars."
image_input = ImageModelInput(

# Generate the image
images = image_model.generate_images(image_input)