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The Speech controller facilitates the conversion of text into spoken audio, leveraging advanced text-to-speech (TTS) technologies.

Supported Models

The Intelli framework integrates with various TTS providers, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs: google, openai.


Specify several parameters to synthesize speech:

  • key_value: Your API key or authentication token for the chosen provider.
  • provider (optional): The name of the TTS service provider. If not specified, a default provider will be used.
  • input_params: An instance of Text2SpeechInput, which includes the text to be converted, language code, voice type, and other provider-specific options.


Create an instance of the RemoteSpeechModel with your API key and optionally specify the provider:

from intelli.controller.remote_speech_model import RemoteSpeechModel

speech_model = RemoteSpeechModel(key_value="your_api_key_here", provider="google")

Prepare your text-to-speech input parameters.

from intelli.model.input.text_speech_input import Text2SpeechInput

# define the text and speech parameters
input_params = Text2SpeechInput(
text="Hello, welcome to the Intelli framework.",

# generate the speech
audio_content = speech_model.generate_speech(input_params)

# audio_content typically a base64-encoded data.