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The Vision controller is designed generate descriptive texts from images.

Supported Models

Intelli framework's Vision controller integrates with leading AI providers for vision tasks: openai, gemini.


To use the Vision controller, you'll need to specify several parameters:

  • api_key: Your API key or authentication token for the chosen provider.
  • provider: The name of the AI service provider (openai or gemini).
  • vision_input: An instance of VisionModelInput that contains the image data and any additional parameters required by the model.


Create an instance of the RemoteVisionModel with your chosen provider and API key:

from intelli.controller.remote_vision_model import RemoteVisionModel

vision_model = RemoteVisionModel(api_key="your_api_key_here", provider="openai")

Prepare your vision input by specifying the image and any model-specific parameters.

from intelli.model.input.vision_input import VisionModelInput

# prepare the input
image_data = open("path_to_your_image.jpg", "rb").read()

vision_input = VisionModelInput(
content="Describe the image",
model="davinci" # Example model name, adjust based on provider and availability

# generate a description for the image
description = vision_model.image_to_text(vision_input)