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Keras Agent

An Agent is an executor of a specific action. The KerasAgent provide the capabilities to load offline open source models using keras to be part of the tasks flow.


When creating an KerasAgent, you need to provide several parameters that define its behavior:

  • agent_type: Determines the kind of actions it can perform. Accepted types are defined in AgentTypes.
  • mission (optional): A mission statement guiding the agent's task. It often serves as the system input for AI models.
  • model_params: A dictionary containing the keras model parameters, such as model and max_length.
  • log: Track the model stage for debugging, default is False.

Supported Models

  • gemma_2b_en.
  • gemma_instruct_2b_en.
  • gemma_7b_en.
  • gemma_instruct_7b_en.
  • mistral_7b_en.
  • mistral_instruct_7b_en.


Creating Keras Agents

Instantiate the KerasAgent class with the appropriate parameters:

from intelli.flow.agents.kagent import KerasAgent

Gemma agent:

gemma_params = {
"model": "gemma_2b_en",
"max_length": 200
gemma_agent = KerasAgent(agent_type="text",
mission="writing assistant",

Mistral agent:

mistral_params = {
"model": "mistral_instruct_7b_en",
"max_length": 200
mistral_agent = KerasAgent(agent_type="text",
mission="social media assistant",

Executing Keras Agents

The task handle the agent execution as part of the flow, below is full example to execute the agent:

# create the tasks with the prompt instructions, you can asign the same agent to all tasks.
task1 = Task(
TextTaskInput("write blog post about electric cars"), gemma_agent, log=True
task2 = Task(
TextTaskInput("write short social media post from the context"), mistral_agent, log=True

# create and execute the flow
flow = SequenceFlow(order=[task1, task2], log=True)
final_result = flow.start()