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Tasks are the core units of action in intelli workflows. Each task handles a defined input type, processes it using a designated agent, and optionally applies pre-processing and post-processing steps.


Constructing a task requires providing these parameters:

  • task_input: An AgentInput instance, like TextAgentInput or ImageAgentInput, carrying the primary data or information the task manipulates.
  • agent: The Agent instance responsible for executing the task.
  • exclude (optional): A flag indicating whether to exclude the task's output from the final result (defaults to False).
  • pre_process (optional): A function to manipulate input data before sending it to the agent.
  • post_process (optional): A function to modify output data returned by the agent.
  • template (optional): A template to format the input data (uses default TextInputTemplate for text inputs).
  • log (optional): A boolean indicating whether to enable logging (defaults to False).


from intelli.flow.tasks.task import Task
from intelli.flow.input.task_input import TextTaskInput
from intelli.flow.agents.agent import Agent

# define an agent
text_agent = Agent(
mission='write a blog post',
model_params={'key': 'YOUR_OPENAI_API_KEY', 'model': 'gpt-4'}

# define a task input
task_input = TextTaskInput(desc="Write a blog post about climate change.")

# create a task
task = Task(task_input=task_input, agent=text_agent, log=True)